Why are we reluctant to write?

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Scholarly writing is conceived as an essential skill in being in academia. Some people shun when they are requested to write an academic paper. For some, this is the only way to improve CV and that is the only reason why they choose to write. Academic writing is indeed a daunting task and full of challenges. An academic writer needs a well organised mind to capture thoughts and put in into perspective, logical manner. Unsurprisingly, most of us are unable to steer and control our thoughts.

There are several reasons on why people are reluctant to write. Lack of confidence is noted as one of the leading reason for this problem. This problem is compounded with incompetency among the people. The confidence crisis arises when we have inadequacy of the knowledge and be comfortably content of being a mediocre. And if you are attached with a competitive but dysfunctional environment, then it is highly likely that you are unable to write if you are surrounded with colleagues who destroy your sense of confidence and ultimately kill your interest in writing.  Furthermore, writing will not happen overnight as it needs diligence and mastery of other personal or soft skills such as communication, active listening, emotional intelligence and undoubtedly critical, creative thinking.

Apart from this, some people have problem in getting started on writing. They just do not know where to begin with. There are number of questions that will crop up in their mind that need to be answered such as style of writing, place to write, location and even the name of topic or idea! Writing itself is not a scheduled agenda as it differs in individuals and depends on their higher function skills that is largely variable. 

There are some writers who have initiated writing but they are stuck in between and unable to progress further. This is fondly known as writer’s block and despised by writers. They feel that there are many impediments to their thinking and unable to articulate their ideas in proper sentences. The antidote for this is to recall the enjoyable benefits or rewards of writing to motivate them and get indulged in some other pleasure activities to get a new thought process.

There are some people who are reluctant to write as they are unable to digest the fact that their article is subjected to scrutiny and surveillance by others. These comments can be both supportive and destructive. As the writers have freedom of expression to convey their message, so are the readers who have privilege to comment, offend and criticise the article. It may sound crude, but the writing process itself is reciprocal and this is how the bond between the writer and the reader is born and knowledge is breed. The understanding of this truth is imperative and will motivate the writer to take pride of his work and produce his best work at any cost.