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1) Academic and research writing

a) How to write a sentence and how to read a sentence, 2012

By Stanley Fish

A must read for those who aspire to be a great writer. This book is thought provoking and will change your perception about both writing and reading.

b) Stylish academic writing , 2012

By Helen Sword

This book highlights different type of writing and explains on how to embrace academic writing confidently. It contains example articles from a wide range of fields to illustrate the beauty of scholarly writing.

c) The elements of style , 1999

By Strunk and White

A classic read for all budding writers. This book contains a complete manual of practical advice on improving writing and communication skills.

2) Research statistics and critical appraisal

a) The doctor’s guide to critical appraisal , 2015

By Narinder and Gurpal Gosall

This book will guide you to understand statistics in a simple, efficient manner with excerpts from real clinical papers to consolidate the statistical knowledge. Highly recommended for those who wants to shine during journal club meetings.

b) Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS , 2013

By Andy Field

A great book to help you to understand SPSS, learn statistics through SPSS and most importantly on how to interpret output tables and results. Please expect some sense of humour and witty comments as the author walks you through the difficult key concepts in statistics.

c) How to design and report experiments , 2003

By Andy Field and Graham J Hole

This is a perfect manual and comprises the entire process of research from the crafting of idea, expanding, running experiments, study analysis to reporting of the results.