Research courses

Aim of the workshops and training

1. Academic and research writing training (half day workshop , around 4h and 30min)

a) Evidence and Literature Review (duration- 60min)

What you will learn

• The effective way of gathering relevant evidence

• Summarising each paper and categorising it

• How to store evidence and retrieve it

• Referencing

b) How to write research project/thesis when there is little time (duration- 45min)

What you will learn

• Time management technique for researchers

• Effective way of maximising your focus and attention

c) Mastering Academic Style writing (duration- 90min)

What you will learn

• Summarising the evidence

• How to write effectively

• Paragraphing – How to do it

• Crafting better sentences and paragraphs

• Issues in writing and how to deal with it – plagiarism, ghostwriting, authorship

d) Writing up, proof reading and editing (duration- 45min)

What you will learn

• How to proof read and edit your work

• Exercises for editing- delete, rewrite, add in , move

e) Publish or Perish: Writing for publication (duration- 30min)

What you will learn

• Why we need to publish paper

• Which journal to choose and how to impress the editor


2. Research statistics and critical appraisal (one day workshop)

a) Introduction to research statistics(morning session)

What you will learn

• Learn the basic concepts of research statistics and hierarchy of evidence

• Understanding and interpreting relevant graphs and charts

b) Critical appraisal (afternoon session)

What you will learn

• How to read paper with confidence

• Review latest clinical papers of cohort study, case control, randomised controlled trial, diagnostics, survival, systematic review and meta-analysis.

Other relevant courses

1. Using SPSS software - one day session

2. Using R software - one day session

3. Building your own research website - half day session