Quantitative research

    Quantitative research is a form of research that involves any study using numbers, graphs or charts. On contrary, qualitative research involves themes or emotions and any non-quantifiable features.

    There are some key differences between quantitative and qualitative methods ranging from the study design, type of data, analysis and result interpretations.

   Quantitative research is a complex analysis with application of science of statistics. Generally, the statistics is divided into two groups: descriptive statistics where the analysis is of descriptive in nature with approach of mean, mode, median, variance, standard deviation etc. On the contrary, the inferential statistics involves hypothesis testing and application of parametric or non-parametric statistical test to reject the hypothesis.


Quantitative research

Qualitative research

Study design



Type of data


Themes or codes

Data source

Survey, numerical results

Interview, focus groups


Descriptive and inferential statistics

Identification of themes or subthemes(content analysis , constant comparison analysis)


Numerical with statistical evidence

Narrative descriptions