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Tips on public speaking
Know your audience

Understand the audience needs

Explore the venue

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Reflect on your journey!
This blog is exclusively for fellow researchers to share their research journey and reflect on what they have accomplished. Please

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Stages of academic writing
       Academic writing is a skill that needs to be learnt and nurtured. We need constant practice to brush up academic writing. T

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Sentences and paragraphs
    The scholars of academic writing have emphasized on how powerful a sentence can turn into. There are many good books on academic wr

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Reflection on reflective learning
     Reflection is defined as an ability to revisit experience or analyse an event from different angles. This process can be applied a

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Quantitative research
    Quantitative research is a form of research that involves any study using numbers, graphs or charts. On contrary, qualitative resea

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Qualitative research
    Qualitative research is somehow not given as much emphasis as quantitative type. The reality is qualitative research is unique and has i

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